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LeanPac-ing, Perfectionism Or On The Verge Of OCD?

LeanPac-ing and modular packing are fantastic ways to improve the way in which you pack, both in relation to time and effort. So, we can see how it’s extremely easy to become meticulous about how it’s done. Additionally, we can also see how it’s extremely easy to go overboard and render the whole packing process stressful. However, it needn’t be either.

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Travel Lean & Light – Footwear

Should comfort always come before fashion? Yes, it should but not all of us are that sensible all of the time. Here are some tips in trying to achieve the best of both worlds, the best we can.

  • Pack footwear that can be worn with multiple outfits

  • Bring max, 3 pairs of shoes for longer trips. Prioritise!

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Travel Lean & Light - Clothes

Not everyone agrees, “Less is more”. There are some of us who wants to bring as much with us as possible when we travel, so here are some tips compiled by the lean team to give us ideas on how we can pack smarter in order to bring as much or as little as we want but at the same time, not compromise on the “quality of life” on the road.

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Reasons to Travel with One Bag and One Bag only

In addition to the usual suspect reasons to travel with one bag, the lean team came across a few more less common cited reasons compiled during their travels and will like to share them with you.

  • Boutique accommodations with no elevators or lifts

  • Less anxiety by not being separated from your things, which you have to with check-in bags.

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