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The Comprehensive Pre-Travel Checklist

At LeanPac®, we are all about prep, prep, prep! What’s more important than a travel-packing checklist? A pre-travel checklist! Nothing is more important to achieve a drama-less and smooth trip than good foundation processes to start things right!

Its never too soon to start making travel plans, so once you’ve chosen your dates and got the time off work its time to put your money where your mouth is and start booking flights! Once you’ve made the purchase, you can start deriving micro-moments of joy from the trip planning!

The lean team have got together and come up with an ultimate pre-travel checklist of EVERYTHING we can think of so that you don’t have to. Just run through the list to pick and choose your basics and use that as a foundation checklist to add-to as and when required. Tailor it! But not from scratch!

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