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Travel Planning - Decision Matrix To Help You Make Choices

We at LeanPac® are very big on methodology, tools and techniques. We apply the lean thinking philosophy in our daily lives to maximise quality time in order to best enjoy life. This is one example of a prioritisation tool we created to help us make decisions in planning for our travels.

It is not uncommon to be plagued by indecision when planning holidays or activities. This can be worse if there are too many cooks!

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“GlamTrav” – A New Era of Best Value Adventure Travelling

When the word adventure travel is mentioned, too many people conjure up images of backpacking on a budget; going on jungle treks, climbing mountains, and staying at hostels while globetrotting around the world. However, LeanPac® having travelled to over 50 countries and over 150 cities, believe that adventure travels do not need to be limited to far flung destinations. Adventures can be had on leisure day-visits, which are vital tourism drivers for many cities and towns.  

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Singapore – A "Lean Traits" Observation Report by A Lean Traveller

There are many lists out there ranking cities in many different areas of efficiency including World Health Organisation’s air pollution levels, Mercer’s quality-of-living ranking and world cleanest cities, World Economic Forum’s Environmental Performance Score, Monocle’s Quality of Living index, and Siemens Green City index etc. 

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Top 3 International Best Value Fine Dining LUNCH 2018

The lean team have extensive experience having traipsed around the world over 50 countries, up to 150 cities (towns & villages) and eaten thousands of meals from budget street food to world class fine dining. It is not easy to come up with a top 100, least to say a top 3 best value dining experience. After much debate and contention, taking into consideration quality, cost and ambience, we finally came up with the top 3. We'd love to hear from you on this list or any other you feel is as, or more deserving.

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Oktoberfest (Wiesn) – Beer And Much Much More!

This years Oktoberfest (Wiesn, to the locals) starts on 22ndSeptember 2018 at the Schottenhammen tent, where the Mayor of Munich will tap the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. The festival will go on until 7thOctober.

A few of the lean team members have been lucky enough to have experienced this fantastically joyful carnival-like festival, and are able to give first-hand accounts and all that you need to know about this party as independent tourists but also as tourists accompanied by die-hard Oktoberfest locals.

Here’s a low-down from a “plan all details” with table reservations to “just turn up” and sneak in point of view.

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