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“GlamTrav” – A New Era of Best Value Adventure Travelling

When the word adventure travel is mentioned, too many people conjure up images of backpacking on a budget; going on jungle treks, climbing mountains, and staying at hostels while globetrotting around the world. However, LeanPac® having travelled to over 50 countries and over 150 cities, believe that adventure travels do not need to be limited to far flung destinations. Adventures can be had on leisure day-visits, which are vital tourism drivers for many cities and towns.  

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How to Pack Smart for a Business Trip

Frequent business travellers will be well aware by now how essential it is to pack light. And that usually means carry-on luggage only. Too much time would be spent hanging around check-in for a large suitcase otherwise – that’s time that could be spent reading several conference papers or catching up with an important client or colleague instead. And that’s before we even venture into the territory of lost luggage!

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Are Travel Organiser Packing Cubes Really Beneficial and Worth The Money? Or Can Ziplocks Do the Job?

Once you start packing with travel organisers, there is no turning back. But many have argued the use of resealable zipper plastic bags as organiser cubes. Is that a good alternative? Re-sealable zipper plastic bags are heaven-sent for travelers for various reasons, but there are far more arguments why travel organiser cubes thrumps it and are much better fit for purpose. 

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Singapore – A "Lean Traits" Observation Report by A Lean Traveller

There are many lists out there ranking cities in many different areas of efficiency including World Health Organisation’s air pollution levels, Mercer’s quality-of-living ranking and world cleanest cities, World Economic Forum’s Environmental Performance Score, Monocle’s Quality of Living index, and Siemens Green City index etc. 

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Top 5 Must-Have Lean Apps for “A” Type Travellers that NEEDS to Save Time & Effort

No, you will not be getting a straight-up list of 5 travel apps. Why, you ask? To be lean is to be flexible. We need to have solutions in hand to meet all situations thrown at us in this modern day, where we encounter a vast array of issues (wastes) in our fast paced and ever changing society. Very seldom do solutions come from one answer or one place. The more tools we have, the more we are able to be flexible.

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Top 3 International Best Value Fine Dining LUNCH 2018

The lean team have extensive experience having traipsed around the world over 50 countries, up to 150 cities (towns & villages) and eaten thousands of meals from budget street food to world class fine dining. It is not easy to come up with a top 100, least to say a top 3 best value dining experience. After much debate and contention, taking into consideration quality, cost and ambience, we finally came up with the top 3. We'd love to hear from you on this list or any other you feel is as, or more deserving.

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LeanPac-ing, Perfectionism Or On The Verge Of OCD?

LeanPac-ing and modular packing are fantastic ways to improve the way in which you pack, both in relation to time and effort. So, we can see how it’s extremely easy to become meticulous about how it’s done. Additionally, we can also see how it’s extremely easy to go overboard and render the whole packing process stressful. However, it needn’t be either.

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Space Utilisation: What's It All About?

You may have heard whisperings of space utilisation and its importance, but how much do you really know about what it is and why it’s important? Did you know it's one of the top things we look at to gauge the use of space? At LeanPac® we work hard to make intelligent laziness as easy as possible, and space utilisation is a big part of that. Here’s everything you need to know about space utilisation and its place in the world of travel:

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Reasons to Travel with One Bag and One Bag only

In addition to the usual suspect reasons to travel with one bag, the lean team came across a few more less common cited reasons compiled during their travels and will like to share them with you.

  • Boutique accommodations with no elevators or lifts

  • Less anxiety by not being separated from your things, which you have to with check-in bags.

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The Comprehensive Pre-Travel Checklist

At LeanPac®, we are all about prep, prep, prep! What’s more important than a travel-packing checklist? A pre-travel checklist! Nothing is more important to achieve a drama-less and smooth trip than good foundation processes to start things right!

Its never too soon to start making travel plans, so once you’ve chosen your dates and got the time off work its time to put your money where your mouth is and start booking flights! Once you’ve made the purchase, you can start deriving micro-moments of joy from the trip planning!

The lean team have got together and come up with an ultimate pre-travel checklist of EVERYTHING we can think of so that you don’t have to. Just run through the list to pick and choose your basics and use that as a foundation checklist to add-to as and when required. Tailor it! But not from scratch!

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The Comprehensive Travel Document & Information Checklist

Travel documents used to be defined as identity documents issued by official bodies to facilitate travelling between borders and boundaries, like passports and visas. Nowadays, when we prepare and collate important travel documents, it has become so much more encompassing and includes all sorts of necessary information and data to enable smoother travels. And we know smoother travels means enhanced travel experience. Ultimately it is up to us how smooth our travels can be and working from a standard checklist ensures that. 

So, here is a comprehensive list, the lean team have collated, to cover all possible items that even the most anal types will envy. Use it as a master list and extract all relevant items to suit your current travels, knowing that you are a step toward smoother travels!

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