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Top 3 International Best Value Fine Dining LUNCH 2018

The lean team have extensive experience having traipsed around the world over 50 countries, up to 150 cities (towns & villages) and eaten thousands of meals from budget street food to world class fine dining. It is not easy to come up with a top 100, least to say a top 3 best value dining experience. After much debate and contention, taking into consideration quality, cost and ambience, we finally came up with the top 3. We'd love to hear from you on this list or any other you feel is as, or more deserving.

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Eat Smart & Keep Lean When Traveling

When on holiday, especially a good long one, it is not uncommon to “subconsciously” adopt an "I-can-eat-whatever-as-I’m-on-vacation" attitude.  The result is often holiday pudge that one will have to shift somehow or another…maybe…maybe not. But then again, even the most disciplined and health-conscious travellers struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Here are a few “stay somewhat on-track” eating guidelines the lean team came up with to combat the will power-depleting temptations along the way. These doable guidelines will reduce the urges and opportunities to over indulge and hopefully, a smaller pudge to get rid off when arriving home.

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From Holiday Health Tweaks To Making Them Habits At Home

For some of us, as we age, our clothes start getting tighter and our breath shorter. We all want to be healthier but we are all busy and sometimes it’s just too hard. What better time to break that cycle than on a relaxing holiday. Change starts with making a few tiny tweaks to your regular routine that will help you get the habit of feeling better.

Overindulging in everything your holiday destination has to offer is just part and parcel of having a good time, but instead of starting your holiday with that mindset, why not decide to make a few small tweaks during your holiday that you can make a habit out of when you get home?

Try these few holiday health hacks to not only leave us feeling rested and totally relaxed when we return, but we like them so much that we’re bringing these habits home!

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Top Tips For Backpack Use While Travelling 

The good old backpack has been a travel staple for generations, there’s even a specific type of holiday designed for ‘backpack’ travellers, so you can see why backpacks are still a popular choice for those that want to jet off on an adventure without having to wheel a bulky suitcase along. 

But it’s down to you to make sure that your backpack is used properly to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to back muscles or your spine during your next escape. Here are a few tips on how to use your backpack safely. 

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Travel Tips to Enjoy Cooking And Eating Well When On Holiday

Self-catering holidays are a great way of feeding the family without having to rely on local restaurants or pay a premium for meal packages, especially if cooking for your group is something you enjoy. It is important to make it a highlight and not a chore.

However, it can have its downsides. If you want to cook but don’t want it to ruin your break, read on to discover some of our top tips for travel cooking the next time you head off on a self-catering adventure. 

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5 Tips On Staying Motivated To Workout On Holiday

Finding the motivation to keep on top of your workouts is hard at the best of times, but when you’re on holiday it’s all too tempting to skip your training and head to the pool bar instead.

If you are serious about keeping up with your workouts while you are away, here’s some very useful tips to keep up your routine and keep you away from, or earn, that all you can eat breakfast buffet!

Mind Over Matter AND Rewards

To stay motivated and stick to your conviction of a routine workout while away, remember the “why” and the consequences. It will most probably be that you do not want the hard work of starting all over again. Remember how it was before keeping in shape was important and the hard work to get where you are now? Remember how you allowed yourself to let go on your last holiday and the time and hard work it took to get back in shape and weight? …

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How To Avoid Jetlag-ging Your Tummy And Keeping It Happy When Travelling

Long-haul flights can often take a bit of a toll on your health, especially when you consider the lasting effects of jetlag and tummy discomforts.

A few connecting factors include:

  • Disruption to the body’s circadian rhythms - Changes to times zones, different climate, foreign beds can disrupt sleep and throw the body’s system off balance.

  • Suppression or delayed bowel movements due to time-zone and meal times changes plus less familiar foods can eventually leading to our bowels rebelling, becoming sluggish and constipated or have diarrhoea.

  • Sleep disruption can contribute to lack of appetite, poor digestion and tummy discomforts 

When you are jetting off on a far-flung adventure, you'll want to make sure that you arrive at your destination feeling well and ready to make the most of your escape. To help you do just that, check out our top tips to help avoid jet lag en-route and keep your tummy up to scratch and ready for your adventures while travelling.

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Sticking To A Keto Or Low-Carb Diet While On Holiday

You’ve found a diet that suits you, you’ve stuck to it so far but the coming holiday fills you with great anticipation but at the same time dread as to how it will affect your regime. Most blogs you have been reading on this subject will give you a list of tips on how to easily stick to your diet while away. The truth is, there are things you can do for that, but it’ll take effort before going away and a bit of will power to follow through, while you are away. 

Food temptations and peer pressure (if travelling with company) will be the biggest lures for falling off the wagon. The key to success is research, planning and prepping. This will help keep the need for “will-power” minimal, while you are away.

First things first…

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