Are Travel Organiser Packing Cubes Really Beneficial and Worth The Money? Or Can Ziplocks Do the Job?


Once you start packing with travel organisers, there is no turning back. But many have argued the use of resealable zipper plastic bags as organiser cubes. Is that a good alternative? Re-sealable zipper plastic bags are heaven-sent for travelers for various reasons, but there are far more arguments why travel organiser cubes thrumps it and are much better fit for purpose.

  • Zipper plastic bags contributes to more unnecessary use of plastic and will require replacing. Travel organisers the long run, as they are practically a one time purchase.
  • Organiser cubes are great in compressing the volume in order for you to pack more, while you risk tearing plastic bags when trying to fill them up or when rummaging among your things in the luggage.
  • There is the limited reuse factor for ziplocks whereas you can simply just throw the OrgPacs into the washing machine or get in the shower with it for a quick rinse when on travels.
  • The versatility of using packing cubes means you can use it as alternative storage solutions more than just for clothes like electronics/gadgets, footwear, accessories etc. Better yet, with big enough organisers and full mesh features like the OrgPac travel organisers, you can cushion fragile souvenirs with clothes and still have space for more.
  • LeanPac®‘s travel packing cubes, OrgPac, weigh next to nothing and are comparable to the lightweight plastic bags, so weight and bulk is no excuse.
How much are LeanPac’s packing cube? At around £30 for three, the MOrg (Medium) and SOrg (Slim) are definitely worth giving it a go!