Annoying Travel Habits To Avoid

Which Annoying Travel Habits Are We Guilty Of?

While travelling, the lean team will always take the opportunity to strike up conversations asking people we meet about their travel experiences, preferences and habits. One of them is annoying habit they have encountered during their travels.

Here is a “fag pack” compilation from over 50 people we have spoken to from first time travellers to frequent globetrotters. Do you agree and/or recognise yourself doing any of them? Rather, it might be advisable to go through the list and avoid as many as possible.

Annoying Habits At Airports & In The Plane
Carry-on Baggage Offences
  • Having oversized bags that cannot fit into the overhead compartment or under the chair
  • Using up your own AND someone else’s overhead space
  • Bringing along a huge puffy overcoat
Bad Timings
  • Not prepared when it is your turn at security, holding up the line taking of your coat and getting out your toiletries and things at the last minute
  • Walk around while the flight attendants are carting food in the aisles
  • Needing to get things from the overhead compartment just at the most inconvenient time e.g. when your “neighbours” are just falling asleep
Elbow Wars Hogging Armrests

It is an unspoken rule that the person in the middle seat gets both arm rests because the person in the aisle has an armrest and can get up without any problems while the window seat also has their own armrest and has the view, which they can lean into.

In the “worse case” scenario, if sharing armrests, the middle seat person gets to dictate which half / three quarters they want on the armrest. The middle seater should make that decision and stick to it throughout the flight and not chop and change as they please.

Chair Etiquette
  • Abruptly reclining the seat, without having a quick look at the situation behind.
  • Chair remained reclined at meal times making it impossible for the person sitting behind to eat
  • Putting your feet or sticking your knees into the chair in front of you time and time again throughout the flight.
  • Pulling on the chair in front to get up when the person sitting in it is sound a sleep.
Touch Down Time
  • Leaping out of the seat before the plane comes to a complete stop.
  • Pulling out monstrous bags from the overhead bins and leaning them on top of headrests with someone still seating in it.
  • The middle seater tries to stand up wanting to wait on the aisle when it is already filled with aisle seaters.
Annoying Tourists Habits
Anti-Socialness of Selfies & The ‘Narcissistic Wands”

We have all taken selfies but it starts getting annoying when we’re trying to get our own photos and don’t want it to be filled with other people and their cameras.

The annoyance comes when people aren’t spatially aware and bystanders being whacked and poked with selfie sticks. Or, taking selfies while being oblivious of the surroundings and overstepping boundaries of others personal space.

  • Bull horning about how cheap things are
  • Constant comparison to home and belittling loudly
Pedestrian Etiquette
  • Being oblivious to the surrounding, walking slowly and stopping suddenly when something catches your eye.
  • Convening in the middle of sidewalks and paths blocking the route.
  • Not noticing and following local conventions e.g. escalators (London & Washington DC) where you keep walking on the left and stand stationary on the right
Oh Too Savvy Travellers

Mention a destination and they will up you ten times with a whole list of far flung places they have visited! Mention some great experience and they will up you ten times with a whole list of great activities they have experienced in a list of far flung places they have visited! Don’t be that person!


A lot of us seem to feel that there is a time and place for flip-flops. They are not appropriate for all-day and everyday wear, whether on holiday or not. The most common reasons cited include:

    • Exposure of the feet to bacteria, viral, and fungal infections especially in an urban underground
    • Makes the person wearing them on inappropriate occasions, look sloppy and not bothered
    • People in flip-flops tend to walk looking lazy, shuffling and slapping their feet on the flops trying to hang

on to them

  • Visibility of ugly and dirty feet e.g. cracked heel, knobby toes, dirty nails, cuts, dirt & dust