All The Reasons To Walk When Travelling

Benefits Of Walking When On Holidays

Getting away on holiday gives us all the chance to kick back, relax and do as much or as little as we like.

But by taking the easy option and opting for a car or public transport, all of the time, you’re sure to miss out on the many benefits that walking while travelling can offer. Albeit, wheeled transportation can get you from one place to another quicker to enable squeezing in as many sights as possible into the day. But, it will be worthwhile planning in one or two more leisurely paced day so you won’t need a holiday to get over your current holiday on your return.

Check out our top reasons why walking can help you get more out of your next break and can even ward off that post-holiday weight gain!

Get A Feel For The Place On Foot

You want to feel like part of the place you are visiting, assimilating with it instead of just being another visitor looking in from the outside. It’s impossible to really experience a place if you’re forever whizzing by on a bus or in a car. You’re missing out on all the sights, sounds and aromas that your destination has to offer if you don’t take the time to explore on foot, so pack your walking shoes and hit the streets!

Uncover Those Hidden Gems

Taking a stroll gives you the chance to notice the little things that make a holiday, such as that gorgeous little bistro off the beaten track, a woodland walking trail or a beautiful monument or church hidden away on a side street.

Just travelling from one well-known attraction to another by car means you’re sure to miss out on these little delights, so mix it up with a few days on foot and see what you can find at your next destination.

Slow The Pace Down

You’re on holiday, so take the opportunity to slow things down with a leisurely walk around town. This will give you plenty of time to take in the sights and chat with your partner or family if you’re travelling with others and spend some quality time together. Take the time to muse, comment, communicate and conjointly enjoy the surroundings with your travel companion.

Ward Off Weight Gain

Part of any good holiday is indulging in those tempting treats, but if you still want to fit into your jeans when you return, then walking is a great way of getting some exercise and helping to burn those extra calories – ensuring you can try out the local delicacies guilt free!

Getting some exercise also aids sleep, so it’s a fantastic way of improving your wellbeing on holiday.

Boost Your Budget

Public transport and car hire can be expensive, but opt for a few days on foot and you’ll have more money to play with on your next break.

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to walk when your travelling either, just do as much or as little as you like and you’ll soon see the benefits of stretching those legs on your next holiday.