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Airline Cabin Allowance Guide

The JamPac measures at 50cm (extendable through the zipped gusset to 55cm) x 35cm x 25cm. This is the measurement of the bag “at rest”. The bag is specifically designed to be very pliable and when jammed packed to “bursting, will bulge & expand considerably to much bigger dimensions but when loosely packed will have no problems meeting all the airlines requirements on the list.

!Caveat! – The JamPac can be “squashed” into any “cages” at the airport, even when relatively fully stuffed. Note that it’s the weight that catches one out. So please check with your chosen airlines bearing in mind hand luggage weight restrictions too and not just the size.

As the industry is not standardised, there are different sizes of carry on luggages allowed on different airlines.

We have provided an easy overview guide for the various airline and strive to keep our baggage allowance checker updated as frequently as possible, but please check with your airline in advance of your trip as we cannot guarantee this information will be valid at the time of your journey (This information is correct as at 23/10/2018).

Note: From November 2018, Ryanair allowance is now 40cm x 20cm x 25cm and must fit under the seat in front of you