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LeanPac is a start-up luggage company with the focus of providing a modular packing solution for travellers to stay organised throughout their travels. Our unique selling point is ‘lean thinking’ and our current product line is designed to ensure that your luggage is more streamlined, your belongings are easy to access when you need them and that you are always ready for whatever may come your way. Packing, unpacking and being organised has never been easier with the LeanPac System.
Modular Adventure Travel Luggage


As the Lean Team Leader, Michelle has worked in many different industries, applying the Lean methodology to make things more seamless and functional. In her own travels, both personal and business related, Michelle saw an opportunity to apply the Lean principles to travel. Taking a lean approach allowed her to be more productive at work and in her own personal processes, so why not in commuting and travelling too? With a firm realisation of the benefits that lean travel could provide, Michelle began to develop the concept of lean luggage and LeanPac was born.
Modular Adventure Travel Luggage


The System of modular products that we have created, allows travellers to easily access what they need, when they need without having to waste time hunting through a bag. The lean methodology saves space and saves time. And, that’s what we are all about!

The feedback we have received on our product line tells us that as travellers become more proficient in using our luggage, the experience continues to get even better. Who knew?! The products don’t change, but the thinking does, especially for newbie lean thinkers. Our approach here at LeanPac is to engage with a like-minded group of regular travellers, just like us, rather than to have a huge volume of sales. We want the LeanPac System to make your travels easier. Having a community of people who believe in lean as much as we do is important to us at LeanPac. We firmly believe in the lean methodology and we are confident that you will too!

Modular Adventure Travel Luggage


The current product line is our very first version to market and is reasonably priced to entice every traveller out there to ‘go lean’. We want to spread the word of the lean methodology through our products and fine-tune our designs, in the ethos of continuous improvement which we take serious. We want to make the products even better with the feedback we get from the LeanPac community.

Our Lean Team is dedicated to creating a community of everyday lean thinkers to create a line of products that facilitates lean travelling and living. Join us in the lean movement and enjoy a more streamlined, straightforward travel experience than you could ever have imagined!