A Guide To Getting Along When Travelling

Conflict Free Group Travelling, Here’s How.

Going away for a few days with a partner, friends or the whole family is something we all look forward to but spending an extended period of time in close proximity to others can cause tension.

From strong characters who like things all their own way to the procrastinator who can never make their minds up, throwing personalities together on holiday can lead to arguments if you don’t set a few ground rules first.

Here are our top tips for getting along while travelling and how to ensure the break goes smoothly.

Be Honest And Considerate

If your holiday means you’ll be taking part in tours and activities together, you’ll all need to be completely open about what you want to get out of your group break. Understand the different travel styles and “flag up” special or particular individual needs and pet peeves.

For example, some may be early risers whereas others want to enjoy a well-earned rest, so it’s best to manage everyone’s expectations and come to a compromise before you head off. Early birds can enjoy a leisurely breakfast whereas the latecomers can grab something to go to help keep everyone happy. Let everyone know that you’re happy to join in with any group activities but at your own pace.

Or, if you’re a meat eater, but there are vegetarians in your group, then be considerate to any dietary needs before making reservations for lunch or dinner while you are away. There’s nothing more frustrating than being hungry but not able to eat anything on the menu.

To keep the peace and be considerate to your travel companions, take the whole group into account before booking anything.

Be Fair

It easy to let someone else deal with all the travel arrangements, but it can cause tension if just one person feels responsible for organising the whole trip singlehandedly.  On the other hand, there are those that love to make all the plans and decisions on their own. Unless there is a “symbiosis” i.e. one wanting and loving the responsibility, it may be best to agree travel plans, share the planning and organisation responsibilities using an amalgamated trip wish list.

If your accommodation is self-catering, then it’s also essential that everyone takes responsibility for the cooking, cleaning and replenishing the groceries. Have a rota or assign each person preferred tasks to ensure no one feels like the Cinderella of the group!

Share the load and you’re all sure to have a great time and enjoy each other’s company.

Be Prompt

Nothing causes more arguments when it comes to group holidays than money. An easy way to avoid this is to make sure that you make any payments for flights and accommodation as soon as you’re asked.

We all have different affordabilities, hence the need to accept and acknowledge that you have different budgets and goals when it comes to travelling in a group. Decide and agree a rough daily budget for shared activities or groceries and work out the cost per head and put all of the money into a kitty beforehand so no one ends up paying more than they should have to.

Be Free

Travelling in a group can be great fun, but we all need a little free time to go off and do our own thing from time to time.

Schedule in a little free time for yourself and agree to meet up for lunch or dinner, that way you’ll have plenty to talk about when you re-join your group.