5 Fun Ways To Tackle Post-Travel Blues


Cloudy skies, the prospect of returning to work and a bag full of dirty laundry is enough to make anyone feel a little gloomy after spending time away on an amazing adventure. It is not easy to navigate the sense of malaise when we return to our daily routines, with some suffering more deeply than others.

Many of us can feel from a little saddened to very depressed that our latest trip away has come to an end as soon as our flight touches down on home turf. But, there are a few ways you can banish the post-travel blues.

Read on to discover just a few of the ways you can use your experiences and planning skills to turn that frown upside down!


After eating what we want when we want, it is time to re-establish a healthier routine.

Wallowing in travel blues and continuing to eat foods that aren’t the healthiest isn’t just bad for our waistlines, but it can also lower our mood which is far from ideal if we’re already a little down about having to return to normality.

Eat well and you’ll start to feel your mood lift within a day or two. But why go back to routine when you can concoct a whole new menu of recipes to relive your holidays?! Keeping busy finding, investigating and testing native recipes, alone, with family or with holiday pals will keep the travels alive for longer and help transition back to everyday life. Plus, just a single taste of certain food and/or drinks can ignite memories of the glorious, fun-filled time you’ve had and bring happy juices with it.


You’ve just had a fantastic experience, so when you return home its time to organise those digital photo albums.

Don’t make it a chore. Spread the joy, chunk up your time spending blocks of 20 minutes transferring your images from your camera or phones to ensure that you keep the mementoes of a fantastic trip safe so you can revisit them again in the future.

Write visual blogs, make scrapbooks or collages and share them with family and friends. Spend time milling over the memories for closure, etching them in your mental vault before moving on. Afterall, you need to get those memory cards cleared ready for your next adventure!


You may not have the funds to be jetting off somewhere exotic straight away, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your spare time stuck on the sofa.

Having post travel blues usually mean that they’ve been bitten or just been bit by the travel bug and now yearning for a new adventure. This in turn means your latest travels have equipped you with new lenses by which to view the world and now anting more.

There’s plenty of places that you probably haven’t visited right on your doorstep, so put on those new lenses and get out there and become a back-yard traveller for the day. Explore your own backyard like you did those distant destinations! What local experiences or sights have you neglected? Or, do you even know of them having always been looking further afield?


Remember all the advice you got from travel forums before you left? Well now is the time to return the favour and become a travel guru for your last destination.

Upload your photos and thoughts on the places you’ve visited and share any tips with fellow travellers; you can be sure that they’ll appreciate your first-hand experiences and personal insights. You could even offer to be a guide if someone’s looking for a travel buddy and you’ve got the funds!

How well do you know your own backyard? How about being a backyard travel guru contributing and meeting up with fellow travellers sharing and learning from each other?


The travel anoraks at LeanPac® just LOVE travel planning. Part of the fun of jetting off on an adventure is definitely the preparation where you can immerse yourself in the destination and practically start your holidays before they actually begin. So starting to plan and save up for your next getaway now is the ideal time to tackle the post-travel blues.

First things first, learning from experience, what would you do differently or improve from your last trip? Take note then research, research, research!

Once you start coming up with a few likely destinations, estimate budgets and identify some potential activities, the post-travel blues will be a thing of the past as you look forward to your next adventure.