4 Obvious But Easy To Fall For Travel Scams

Travel Scams Every Holidaymaker Should Be Aware Of

Travel scams are so obvious and we will never fall for them…will we? You’d be surprise how easily we can get caught off guard when in holiday mode.

Unscrupulous individuals are always coming up with new and inventive ways to trick holidaymakers out of their hard-earned cash while they’re on holiday, so we’ve collated this list of trending holiday scams to make sure that you’re not persuaded to part with your money and line the pockets of these less than reputable people.

The Non-Existent Accommodation

Imagine arriving at your holiday destination only to discover that the villa or apartment you’ve booked for your stay simply doesn’t exist. Sadly, this has been a reality for many holidaymakers who’ve lost out on hundreds or thousands of pounds to scammers who are getting more and more sophisticated at hawking holiday accommodation that doesn’t even belong to them.

Although there are plenty of villa and apartment owners who have got high-quality premises to rent out, it’s best to proceed with the utmost caution even if you choose to book through a well-known, reputable website.

Did I Order That?

How often do you check your restaurant bill after enjoying a meal abroad? If you’re like me, not very often! It seems that some slightly shady staff members have been taking advantage of customers at popular holiday spots by adding a few extra items to the bill that they never received and then pocketing the cash.

In this scam, they rely on the fact that the receipt is in a foreign language so we usually don’t check it, making a nice little earner if they get away with it.

The Trickster Taxi

Here’s a common holiday scam that you can avoid thanks to mapping apps while on holiday. It seems taxi drivers all over the world have been making a small fortune from holidaymakers by taking the longest routes possible, inflating prices or handing over fake notes as ‘change’ for your journey.

Newly arrived tourists are usually the primary target for this type of scam, so make sure that you either book a taxi in advance or agree on a fair price to your destination before getting in, check the route and ensure that you know the difference between a fake and genuine note before you arrive.

Fake Tickets

From travel cards to theme park tickets, the quality of counterfeit tickets floating around is shocking. As technology improves, it’s getting more and more difficult to spot a fake, meaning you’re often totally unaware that you’ve been duped until you come to use them.

Always order your tickets or passes online from official sites where possible or make sure that you buy from a reputable source to avoid falling foul of this scam.

When queuing in official lines, beware of fake staff member offering to help you bypass the queue for a higher price!